Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sour Patch Trancendence

Ok so I think most people are one of 2 kinds: A sugar or a Salt person.
Ive always been the latter. Pasta and chicken corn chowder etc... im strait.

But suddenly, after a good report card from the dentist, I've found myself getting into all sorts of sweet things. I never loved soft drinks that much, but now I need something really sweet and supertaurineated, most of the time something like this

(usually I go with black coffee, my more about legal uppers addictions later)

but now i find my self a sucker for Candy.

I dont know why but now I always have to have some kind of choclate around, lately getting into these

and at the movies, some popcorn and these

But, o man. Me and my Sour Patch Kids are going places in the world.

If anyone comes up with creative places to drizzle all the leftover evil sour aftersugar (dont say snort it. foo) lemme know.

and click if you want access to the distinguished Internet Candy Society.

O man I cant wait to be the overweight halo playin college kid I never was.


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