Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Boo Ritos

So yeah. I made up this blog about my chemically treated tounguescapades and lazy un-diet.
and yeah, I just ate a burrito covered in sprouts underneath cheese o america, after some almonds submerged in packaged chocolate brought to me by hersheys and...and Im drinking an energydrink of course. and yeah the morning became electra. however.

Things were not always as such.
For two years in highschool and for three years during and post college I was very veggy tarian and, when I lived with someone more eco-consious and whole foody then me I learned how to eat relatively well.

For more of why I dont live that way anymore, the sad tale of woe and degradation, come back later... for now I will discuss why it doesnt work for me nowadays.

for one thing: my kitchen situation
I used to have a fridge which could accomodate lettuce and cucumbers, that sort of thing. ....
This is what I got goin on now:

in fact, the above, is my kitchen situation. my stove dont burn, my microwave remains ever faithful, and I remain too lazy to figure out better ways to eat more "raw".
(doesnt that sound nasty.. the "raw" diet. for anyone else than ODB it shouldnt be recommended.)
Salads and carrots in salads were once a favorite pastime of mine. now It remains to be seen whether this day will come again, I get a better fridge that can fit in the confines of my little kitchen and lazy lifestyle...
untill I start getting into frozen carrots. and thats not gonna happen when I have frozen snickers waiting to be eaten... I will miss these days and then go down to sushi-to-go place on biscayne and bout 40th
for a good old fashioned shashimi salad... (they call ocean salad) (Ill put the real name and link here later folks its a good place)

I Love Kefir.

Thanks Lifeway.

For it and for making it not look like the above pic when I eat/drink it and instead making it look like this: